Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in school for a month! The cooling weather signals that time of year when the students understand the rules and expectations of fourth grade, and are ready to really get down to work.

In math we are assessing Unit 5: Landmarks and Large Numbers on September 21. After the assessment, we will begin Unit 1: Factors, Multiples, and Arrays. We have been impressed with the progress students have made in their timed addition and subtraction tests. Accuracy has improved, as have times. To further improve the automaticity of these computations, we will continue to ask that your child practice math facts every night.

Today was a big day for our fourth grade class: the first visit to the Metro School! We were so pleased with the poise and enthusiasm our students showed in the Metro School classrooms; they were true ambassadors of the Trinity Way. When we returned to Trinity, the students wrote down their reactions to their first visit after weeks of anticipation. Here are some of their thoughts:

“There were 2nd and 3rd graders in our group. We were a little nervous at first. But it was fun.”

“At the end we all agreed it was fun. We were working on fractions with the children and were using Play-Doh to show them. We were making all kinds of shapes with the Play-Doh and cutting it in half and stuff. We were saying this is a whole and this is a half.”

“This was a great experience because we had butterflies at first, but when we met our partners they disappeared. This was an awesome place because all three of us got to have a partner to ourselves and just have fun together. After going to the Metro School for the first time, I wanted to go every week!”

Here are a few important dates to mark on your calendars:

9/23      Community Chapel: Installation of Tom Franz
9/27      New Parent Volunteer Training and Fall PA Meeting
9/28      Class trip to Seussical at Imaginon
9/30      Early Dismissal at 11:40  (TED Half-day Childcare Available)
10/7      Community Chapel: Blessing of Pets
10/10    Long Fall Weekend

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us,
Alex Merritt and Mandy Rencher