Monday, October 17, 2011

Jaylen's Book Talk

Jaylen's review of Captain Nobody

This book is called Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. This books starts off with this ten-year-old boy named Newton, but everybody calls him Newt. Newt has an older brother named Chris, who is in high school. He is the star of his football team. During the biggest game of the season he gets injured and was in a coma. Newt's friends decided to try to cheer Newt up by making him a Halloween costume because it was Halloween. Newt came up with the name Captain Nobody for his costume because it was a superhero costume and they went trick-or-treating. After they were done, Newt really liked his costume and liked it so much that he kept wearing it after Halloween. While wearing the costume Newt starts helping people. One thing that he did was he ran into Mr. Clay, who was a locksmith in his town. Mr. Clay went for a walk and got lost because his mind gets fuzzy sometimes. Newt told Mr. Clay, "Don't worry Captain Nobody is here to take you home." Newt walked six blocks to Mr. Clay's house. Mrs. Clay was so happy to see Mr. Clay. They were both very thankful. He helped more people but this was just one of the things he did to help people. Newt's brother Chris got better and Newt was happy about his brother getting better and also he was happy because he was helping people.