Monday, April 16, 2012

Exciting events this week...

It's going to be a BIG week! We will be busy with a new unit in math, poetry in Writer's Workshop, book clubs in Reader's Workshop, the Boston Tea Party in Storypath, and a whole lot more! Take a look at the exciting events your fourth grader will be participating in this week:

We will return to the Metro School. It has been so long since we were with our Metro friends!


The North Carolina Dance Theatre will come to Trintiy to do a lecture demonstration for all of our students. The performance will be in the gym form 10-11. They will incorporate a variety of material to teach the children about theatre.


Salt and Pepper
By José Cruz González

"Salt’s family has a secret. His grandfather can’t read or write, and the Old Man’s shame and silence make life hard on the two grandsons he is raising on his own – so hard that Salt’s brother Andy leaves to join the Marine Corps. When Salt meets Pepper, the daughter of a migrant farmworker, her love of books sparks his own interest in the world of words. Together, Salt and Pepper discover a mysterious box of postcards that reveal the truth about his family’s past and leads them to a more hopeful future. A regional premiere, this thoughtful drama explores the burden of illiteracy, and the bonds of family and friendship."

-- taken from the Children's Theatre website


                 Holy Humor Chapel
                 8:00 am in gym