Monday, February 4, 2013

Biography Project

There is much buzz in our classroom about the biography projects! Students are busy reading and taking notes in preparation for their trading cards and speeches. Monday night students were asked to complete the  planning guide to help them create a timeline to follow in order to stay on top of the many facets of this project. Thank you for your help in guiding them with this! 

Here is a checklist for the students to use as they practice their speeches at home:
  1. Do I have good posture and look relaxed?
  2. Do I look at my audience as I speak?
  3. Can my voice be heard at the back of the room?
  4. Do I sound interested in my topic?
  5. Am I speaking slowly and clearly?
  6. Do I speak in first person throughout the speech?
  7. Am I working to be in character and to sound animate?