Saturday, January 25, 2014


We are so excited for the students to get started with their biography projects! First step, each student needs to find a biography on his or her selected historical figure that is at an appropriate reading level. We are headed to the Imaginon library on Wednesday, but it is very possible that they will not have the book your child needs. What can you do?

1) Go online to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library website (link below).

2) If there is a biography available at the Imaginon Branch, put it on hold for your student to pick up on Wednesday.

3) If there is a copy available in the library system, put in a request to have it delivered to your home library. This is such a great service that our public library offers!

4) If you prefer to buy one, either head to the bookstore this weekend or get shopping on your favorite online website.

Your child will need his/her biography by this Thursday! We will be modeling note-taking skills and have asked the students to not begin reading the biographies until we give them the green light.