Monday, February 10, 2014

Reader's Workshop

There is such an excited buzz in our classroom each day during Readers' Workshop!  Students are hard at work reading biographies, taking notes, creating graphic organizers, creating trading cards, and writing speeches. We are encouraging the students to do additional research on their chosen historical figure after reading their selected biography. The following website has terrific information.

While working on the biography projects, we are not doing our regular weekly work in the Reader's Notebooks. Students are still reading and recording each night but not doing the vocal and lit studies. We think they have enough work to do on their biography projects!

The Scholastic website has so much amazing information. I'd encourage you to take some time with your child to explore the many resources available. A specific tool that I really like is the Book Wizard. If your child has found a book they really loved, you can enter the title of the book and then click "Similar Books". This is a way to find more books that were similar to the book your child enjoyed.