Monday, April 28, 2014

Social Studies Update

We are in the midst of our StoryPath unit on Colonial Boston. Last week, the citizens of Boston (played by the students) experienced a critical event. A visitor to the classroom, Chief Justice of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchinson (played by Trinity's own Mr. Luft), came to a tavern meeting to empathize with the plight of the colonists, who were struggling to understand why they should have to pay higher taxes if they had no representation in Parliament. He replied that he is as frustrated as they are at the high taxes they have to pay, but he was not willing to go so far as to not enforce British law. After the meeting with Justice Hutchinson, the citizens got word that his house had been ransacked. His most prized possessions had been destroyed; his life's work gone. The citizens of the town discussed the meaning of vigilante and learned that a group calling themselves "The Sons of Liberty" were involved in the sacking of his house. The students will be interviewed this week to see if they played a role in the sacking of Justice Hutchinson's house. 

This week we will be doing some more in-depth reading and writing about conditions in Colonial Boston and the colonies.