Monday, May 19, 2014

Unite or Die

The roles have been cast and the scripts have been shared. We've had our first rehearsal and are working hard on our reader's theater production of Unite or Die, a book about how the writing of the US constitution. 4th graders should have their lines memorized by Tuesday, May 27.

Some advice about memorizing lines:

1. Repeat the lines. Have your child read the lines with someone out loud over and over again. Remind them to memorize the lines only, not the cadence and inflection. They need to discover something new each time they read the lines and say them as if they are spoken for the first time, each time.
2. Break the lines down into smaller pieces. Don’t have your child tackle all of their linesl at once. Break the script down into small sections and repeat, repeat, repeat until the lines are ingrained. 
3. Work on lines before going to sleep. Studies have shown that studying lines right before bed can have a big impact on recall. Be sure to have your child review them again in the morning to help lock them into memory.