Saturday, November 12, 2011

Math Fact Practice

We continue to stress to the students how important it is to have mastery of the basic math facts. It will be very difficult to do muli-digit multiplication and division problems if you do not have a strong foundation with the basic math facts. We had a great discussion recently about how quickly you can improve your skills with a bit of determined focus. One classmate improved her time by 20 seconds in one week because she took time to practice her facts each night. That's great motiviation that a little work will yield great results.

I am going to repost the link to the incredible resources I found on another teacher's web page. I am in awe of all the great sites that this lady found and organized. Oh, the wonder of the world wide web!

Hope you and your student will find some of these links to be a fun way to practice math facts.

Click here for the