Saturday, November 12, 2011

Math Update

Your student will be bringing home his or her Unit 2 Math Assessment on Monday. Please take time to look over both this test and their Student Activity Book.

We have started Multiple Towers and Division Stories: Multiplication and Division. In this unit, students will develop strategies for solving multiplication problems with two-digit numbers and deepen their understanding of the operation of division by focusing on the relationship between multiplication and division. Using story contexts and multiple towers, students continue their investigation of the relationship between numbers and their factors. Students practice multiplying by 10 and multiples of 10, break problems into smaller parts that can be multiplied easily, and find the multiples of two-digit numbers. They gain fluency with all multiplication combinations to 12 x 12. Students solve, represent, and discuss division story problems, including some that have a remainder.

Your student will also be bringing home the parent letters that accompany our newest math unit. Reading these will help you have a deeper understanding of the work we are doing in class.