Friday, January 27, 2012

STORYPATH: Colonial Boston and the Struggle for Independence

We have officially begun our Storypath unit on Colonial Boston! This will be an incredible learning journey for our classroom. Storypath is an ingenious curriculum that truly brings history to life. How I wish that my elementary school teachers had been able to use this in my classroom when I was a child. Over the coming months we will be grow to understand the people, time period, government, and conflicts of the time. Here is an overview of what we will learn:

Who governed the colonies? What led the colonists to choose to be Loyalists or Patriots? What events led to the founding of the nation? As colonial families, students investigate these topics and must decide whether to support the move toward independence or to remain loyal to England. Through the experience, they gain a greater understanding of the events and attitudes that shaped the country at its founding.