Monday, October 8, 2012

Blair's Book Talk

The Genius Files #1 Mission Unstoppable is about Coke and Pepsi (Pep McDonald on their road trip across the country. They started in L.A. and end in Washington D.C. On their way across the country, Coke, and pep are getting chased by their evil health teacher, crazy bowler hat dudes, and even Dr. Warshaw who entered Coke and pep into the Genius Files program. (The genius Files is an organization/ mission for "geniuses" to try to figure out a way to send messages through the air and the messages will end up in other people's minds.) You will have to read The Genius Files #1 Mission Unstoppable to find out why all those crazy people are chasing Coke and Pep across the country. After that, I recommend you read Genius Files #2 Never Say Genius to find out even more. i highly recommend these two books to people who like adventure books.