Monday, October 15, 2012

Reader's Workshop

A primary goal continues to be to ensure that all students are reading just-right books. How do you know if it is an appropriately challenging text, not too hard and not too easy? Ask your student to share some of our strategies for how you know this. Please note that most students are drawn to books that are a bit too challenging, therefore impending reading with fluency and for meaning. We have asked that each student run their book by us to get our approval before they begin reading.

Students are doing more and more writing in our Reader’s Notebooks.  We have been talking about  literary elements and working to be able to apply them to your book. Students are asked daily to write a paragraph in their notebooks to analyze their book. This will ensure that students are genuinely engaged in their books and are thinking as they read. They know that each day they will be asked to write a thoughtful entry about their book.