Monday, March 11, 2013

Math: 2-D Geometry and Measurement

We have started Unit 4: Size, Shape, and Symmetry. Our classroom has been covered with rulers and yard sticks and meter sticks as the students have been busy measuring things around our classroom. 

Last week we were working to:
  • Review the lengths of units of measure
  • Use U.S. standard and metric units to accurately measure length
  • Estimate lengths based on common units
  • Determine when estimates or exact measurements are needed
  • Find perimeter using standard units
  • Recognize and explain possible sources of measurement error
Beginning this week we are working to:
  • Recognize the attributes of polygons
  • Use Power Polygons to make geometric figures given specific descriptions
  • Sort polygons according to various criteria
  • Understand the many classifications of quadrilaterals