Monday, March 11, 2013

Science: Digestive System

The digestive process begins in our mouths with the aid of our teeth, tongue, and saliva. Ask your scientist about the saltine cracker experiment when they chewed for one-minute without swallowing.  We explored how the acids in our stomach break down food by experimenting with a saltine cracker and some orange juice in a ziploc bag.  We learned how long food remains in the stomach and how the small intestine is the workhorse of the digestive tract. Students were shocked to see that the small intestine is 21 feet long while the large intestine is 9 feet long. Also, ask your student about the oatmeal/stocking simulation that shows how water is absorbed into the body through the large intestines. Mrs. Pursley added to our study during Wellness class by continuing to talk about the many excretions made in our bodies to aid with the digestive process.