Monday, November 18, 2013

North Carolina Projects

Our students have been hard at work on our North Carolina projects! It's always so fun for us as we walk around a sea of chromebooks, open textbooks, and Our State Magazines as the kids soak in all of the fascinating history, culture, and geography of our state. A major component of this project is learning to write a descriptive paragraph. We teach the kids that descriptive paragraphs have the following characteristics:

  • They are indented
  • They have a topic sentence
  • They have 2-3 descriptive sentences
  • They have ideas that build on each other
  • They have a conclusion sentence
I have revised and edited the first round of descriptive paragraphs. All of the kids have areas for growth in writing paragraphs. This week, homework will be one section per night to rewrite based on my edits and revisions. Parents, please help your children decipher my chicken scratch handwriting (I promise I tried to be neat!) if necessary, and if they ask for it, any guidance on writing great paragraphs.